Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Out of the box....

Well I've got all the stuff home unpacked it and thoroughly rummaged and tinkered with everything. So now I have 2 boxes of old kit and from it I've put together a set of all the good stuff.

So far there is:
  • Nikon FM black body
  • 50mm f1.8 Nikkor
  • 28mm f2.8 Clubman
  • 70-200 f5.6 intercity (?)
  • 2x Teleconverter

  • Gossen "sixtino" light meter
  • Nissin tw360 flash including coloured gel set and remote triggers
  • Wotan V250 studio flash
  • Sunpack Auto 321 flash
  • 1000W Lamp with grip and tripod mounts
  • Bunch of filters (orange, green, blue, UV etc)
  • Tripod flash mounts
  • Hotshoe mounts and cables
  • Remote release cable

Box full of other odds and sods!

All of it is in near mint condition, so far I’ve run a film through the camera just to check it all works OK and given everything a good (and careful) clean. The FM is fantastic to use really solid and a few of the pictures I took on that first film are really sharp, the others are crap due to user error!

Here are a few of those pictures, and before anyone says "they're a bit yellow" I know, I have since found out that I am supposed to use one of those filters I found in the box to adjust for tungsten light! The film was cheap Kodak 400 asa so a bit grainy but I have since used a couple of decent Fuji 200 asa films so when i get those back I'll post the results here.

As with most cameras of this age the foam seals have turned to goo so I have ordered a replacement seal kit, hopefully that should be here this weekend, should keep me busy!

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